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Welcome, Carnival of Breastfeeding readers!

      This month's carnival theme is “Prepared For Life."  I wasn't sure what that meant exactly, so I searched the recesses of my ever-lactating brain and came up with the following.  

       Enjoy!  (And also, don't forget to check out the other carnival participants, linked at the bottom of this post!)  :-)


There is, what seems like, boundless information out there that speaks of all the amazing benefits of breastfeeding.  To those of us passionate about breastfeeding, it is simply understood that mother’s milk is the very best thing you can give to your new little one.   Breastfed babies are given the very best start in life, right from the get-go with the amazing nutrients found in mom’s colostrum.  Any breastfeeding advocate can happily talk in length about this subject. 


So what can I add to this topic of how breastfeeding prepares a child for life, that hasn’t been addressed numerous times before? 


I still happily nurse my two year-old daughter. 

                My husband and I lead a very active lifestyle, and I knew that I was going to have to “get the hang” of this whole breastfeeding thing if I was to maintain that lifestyle, all while giving my daughter the very best start in life.  I quickly became really skilled at being able to nurse discreetly in public.  I’ve nursed in church, a courtroom, airplanes, and in many other places.  Nursing is just a fundamental and normal part of my daughter’s life.  Because of that, she knows of no other use for breasts. 


My husband has a framed poster of famous surfers.  Also, in this poster, are several bikini models.  My daughter looked at this photo one day and pointed to one of the models and said “nurse?”  She has done this with several other photos before—lingerie and swimsuit catalogs are simply a place where the mechanism to nurse, is on display. 

 My daughter doesn’t know that “boobs” are seen as sexy in our society—all she knows is that’s how she gets her comfort. 


It makes me happy to know, that at this early stage in her life, she is already being taught that our body parts have functions, and that they are simply not just visually stimulating objects.  She is also learning that we should not be ashamed of our physical form, and that the human body is actually a beautiful thing.  It can be sexually beautiful, as well as non-sexually beautiful.  The human body is magical and amazing. 


I am reminded of this every time I sit down with my little girl to nurse her, and my body responds, even two years later, by giving her the milk that my body has created, especially for her.   

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That is so great!

I love that your daughter sees breasts for their best function. Hilarious and precious! We've often joked to my son when I get a Victoria's Secret or similar catalog in the mail: "Hey, Mikko, wanna see the nummies catalog?" I'm so glad that we're raising kids who will probably champion the cause of breastfeeding by just seeing it as completely normal and expected. Perfect!

Re: That is so great!

"Nummies Catalog"! THAT rocks! I love it! :-)

So refreshing

I love to read things like that. It gives me hope that I am doing the right thing, that my daughter might grow up with the right attitude to women's bodies.

Re: So refreshing

I am right there with ya! I SO desperately desire for my daughter to grow up with a healthy view of her body. I absolutely agree that breastfeeding is a great way to kick start that mindset. :-)



Yes, my little one gets very excited by the bra catalogues. And dressing up in Mummy's bra is one of her favourite games :)
We went through a stage recently where we were having the conversation that "I have little boobs because I'm a little girl. Mummy has big boobs because she makes milk for us." Unfortunately half of it got lost and she went around telling random people that "My Mummy has big boobs!"

Re: Gorgeous!

LOL! "Mummy has big boobs!" That is priceless. :-)

My daughter and I are in the midst of potty training talks and she, too, is very excited to someday have "big girl panties"--she likes to try mine on, too.

Kids are so fun!


Great point!

I agree that nursing sets up children to accept breasts as having a function and not merely sex objects. How refreshing - especially in our society where topless and nude beaches are not the norm.

from: Pure mothers

Re: Great point!

Interesting that you bring up nude beaches! My family (yes, FAMILY) and I went to one the other day. It was my husband, baby and I. It's a place called Pirate's Cove and is listed on some registry for "family friendly nude beaches." I was able to nurse my daughter there without ANYONE looking at me funny.
We had a great experience there. :-)


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