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Welcome Carnival of Breastfeeding readers! Celebrating my…chest!

 (In honor of breastfeeding!)  

On Friday May 15th, 2009, I did something that some may find crazy or irresponsible or, crazy or painful, or crazy or all of the above. 


I visited a local tattoo parlor and walked out with two new piercings. 


Yes, as those who know me already know, I am one of those tattooed and pierced mommies who has sported every hair color known to man and refuses to officially grow up. 


I stood tirelessly in the front row at Emo’s in Austin, Texas, watching the likes of Clutch and Dub Trio as my five-month pre-born daughter swam about in utero. 


My son was with me when I got my navel pierced at age 24, and now my toddler daughter has been with me through two additional tattoos and now, these, my latest additions. 

(Note:  The piercings in question are NOT nipple piercings—they are dermal anchors, which are similar to surface piercings.  For more info, read on!)


For the past two years, I have pretty much, worn only tank tops, as I have found that nursing my baby is easier in a tank.


A couple of weeks ago I saw a girl with two VERY cute “piercings” on her décolleté area and was immediately intrigued.  After a little research, I learned that these little “sparklies” were technically NOT piercings—they are called “dermal anchors,” and are actually considered body modifications, not unlike sub-dermal implants. 


I thought about it, then thought about it some more, and after discussing it with my heavily tattooed hubby, I decided I wanted some of my own. 


The more I thought it over, the more I realized that the reason I liked these modifications so much, is that they adorn an area that has become sacred to me. 


(I have an eyebrow piercing for much the same reason; while everyone else was getting their noses pierced, I decided that I’d rather highlight my eyes, which, in my opinion, are some of my better facial features.) 


I have my daughter at my chest NUMEROUS times per day.  In public.  At home.  Here, there, and everywhere. 


My chest is a different chest than it was before I had her. 


So, why not decorate and celebrate it? 


The whole procedure was quick and relatively painless, and I am extremely happy with the results. 


My nursing toddler stares at them with intrigue as she nurses happily away. 


Almost every one of my body piercings, aside from my ears, I got for a “reason.”  My tattoos have meanings, too. 


I guess someday I will be a walking, talking story-book. 


Until then, I am simply a nursing mama who just gave her little nursling some interesting bling to look at! 


For info on Dermal Anchoring, see: http://tattoo.about.com/od/piercingsgeneralinfo/ss/dermalanchors.htm

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 (The anchors 72 hours post-procedure)



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