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I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

 The following is a list of things that I, Zen_Mommy, really, REALLY like and therefore invite others to enjoy as well!  

* "B'Mums Breastfeeding Relaxation CD"  

Sinead Hoben of B'Mums was kind enough to send me a copy of this uber-relaxing CD all the way from Ireland!  

I promise you this!  If the music and overall vibe of the CD doesn't relax you, then her hypnotic and soothing Irish accent will!  I swear, I could listen to her ALL DAY LONG!  She could order me to take out the trash and I'd do so in a most relaxed state.  

This CD is totally affordable!  For ordering info, please see:  

(Check this one out, too!)



* "Xocai" CHOCOLATE!  

My friend Karen is a distributor for this heavenly goodness.  Just saying her name gets me all twitchy for chocolate.  It's no coincidence that Karen also does Passion Parties...and is a massage therapist...and a dancer.  It is clear she is drawn to the GOOD (fun!) things in life, and I, therefore, am drawn to her!  

Her website is located here: 


If learning more about this nectar of the Gods interests you, check it out.  She can also tell you how to earn money as a Xocai distributor!  

* "Avon's Anew Clinical Expression Line Filler"

I am not exaggerating when I say that using this product on the fine lines that crop up on our skin as we age is like using a really good photo-editor on your face.  It just softens everything up so nicely!

It's pretty reasonable for all it does!

Don't have an Avon lady?  Never fear!  Zen_Mommy is here!


* Twitter.com

It's official.  Twitter is my latest addiction.  

Don't Tweet?  Well, you should.  It's easy and fun.  Give it a whirl!  You can follow yours truly at:  



And there you have it for now.  

Until next time, Namaste!!!


I welcome your questions and comments!  

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