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Well, now. It's been a while...

 Where the heck IS everybody?  Is this thing on?  Hello?  

Oh, well.  If no one is here, I'm not exactly surprised.  I've neglected this place as much as, if not more than the rest of the world has neglected MySpace!  Talk about getting that creepy "alone in a post-apocalyptic amusement park" feeling!  Yikes!  

Okay, moving on.  If no one is listening, I'll just talk to myself, because hey, I'm always listening to me!  

Well, not always, but that's another topic, entirely.  

The topics at hand for me today, even IF no one is reading this, are plentiful--at least in my own mind. 

The recent months, although sometimes difficult, have been a very creative and inspiring time for me.  

I have potential projects simply bouncing around in my brain like one of those old fashioned popcorn makers!  Just when I think the birth of ideas has settled a bit, one more pops up smacking me right in the proverbial mind's eye!  

Methinks that something is telling me to get going with these ideas, lest I be blinded indefinitely by smoldering bits of "mind popcorn."  

With that, let us commence!  

First, in viewing previous posts at this li'l journal o' mine, I will start off by saying that I'm no longer selling Avon.  It was starting to bankrupt me and I was somewhat unmotivated to get out there and canvass the neighborhood with catalogs.  It's a great product / opportunity, and I had a lot of fun and a little bit of success back when I sold it before, but I think I just outgrew it.  And it's no worries because there is literally an Avon Lady on every corner, pretty much the world over.  

(I even signed up for another company but never did anything with it, either.  Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something?)  

Second, I really got away from my childbirth education / Reiki / lactation advocacy there for a while.  

It hurts my heart to know that I veered away from something that I'm SO passionate about, but it is what it is.  :-/  

During that time, my husband and I got really involved in the job that we do to pay the bills and keep food on the table, and when the time is right, I'm sure I'll be talking more and more about that job.  I really don't want to go into it now, for multiple reasons, but let's just say that I'm writing not one, but two (presently) books on the subject.  

(Now, if anyone IS reading this, you're probably on pins and needles wondering just what the deuce I'm talking about!  "What is her job?  Why won't she say?  I'll bet she's a drug dealer!  Yeah, that's it!"  Well...not quite...but thanks, I'm flattered...I think!  Like I said, there are numerous reasons why I won't get into it now, and no, it's not because it's illegal.  You'll just have to trust me on this, mmmkay?)

Since we were so busy working, it left little time for my "other" work...work that doesn't really earn any income, but that I enjoy tremendously.  Work that potentially helps many others, but again, makes barely any cash.  I did manage to teach ONE HypnoBirthing® class during that time, which was great.  My student was amazing and a true reminder to me about why I love HypnoBirthing® so much, and believe in it, so fully.  

(I almost taught another HB class too, in that time, but they cancelled after the first class because they wanted it to be in a group setting, as opposed to the individual classes that I typically teach, and because she refused to hear the units about creating a birth plan and contingencies in case something--Heaven forbid--goes wrong during labor.  This was a big discouragement for me, as I took the cancellation somewhat personally...which I know I shouldn't have, but did anyway.  :-/  It didn't help matters much that she never even paid me for the materials that I provided for her, and she is a very successful therapist and her husband a successful attorney. **Sigh**)  

To add insult to injury, as if I wasn't feeling rejected enough, my involvement with a local dance troupe came to a rather abrupt and confusing ending.  I was basically ousted without being told I was being ousted.  I felt like Melvin on "Office Space," who had been fired months ago, but never knew it.  As bruised as my ego was over that, I couldn't regret the time I had spent with the troupe, because I really do love dancing!   My involvement and subsequent "firing" inspired me to take what I loved about dancing with the troupe and create something that suited me better, which is one of my little projects, and I'm terribly excited about it!  

When it rains, it pours, because after I recovered from those little hiccups, as well as from some family drama that had cropped up earlier this year, we suffered another big blow:  My husband got very ill and was diagnosed with LIVER FAILURE!

Yes, liver FAILURE.  He was basically told that he would die if he didn't get a liver transplant!  

He checked himself out of the hospital AMA and we came home to seek out our options.  

It was a miracle in disguise.  

We found a wonderful doctor, right here in our little area, that provides both alternative and western medicine.  Within weeks, my husband was back on the road to recovery.  

(He has never taken one single prescription medication during this time--his healing has all been accomplished with natural supplements and remedies, as well as prayer and good, happy, POSITIVE energy!)   

We did experience a bit of a scary set-back a few weeks ago when he suffered a seizure while we were at a Subway ordering lunch, but like the iron-clad trooper that he is, he has pulled through that little upset with flying colors.  

During this time, we really re-evaluated our lives...we radically changed our diets and have paid much more attention to our spirituality and home life, as well.  We have vowed to work diligently in the fields that we love so much, in spite of the fact that they really don't earn us much of a living--yet, anyway.  We have become much more "Green" and ecologically minded--I have gone completely vegetarian, and he has for the most part, as well.  

So, it seems that since detoxing our bodies as well as our minds and hearts, we are being inundated with ideas and creative energy.  Now is the time to act on these ideas, and this blog is a step in that direction.  For me, at least.  (He can start his own blog, haha!)  <3

I just MUST go on record as saying that I was beside myself when it looked like I might lose him...I can't imagine my life without him and I don't want to...

I was also, CLEARLY in need to work through the emotional hang-ups I was experiencing as a result of those previous "rejections," and I am happy to say that I have made great strides.  This has helped to ready me for "getting back out there," and allowing myself to be vulnerable to future rejections again.

I guess I had more than one lesson that I needed to learn, and I hope that I did!   

At any rate...back to my budding project list!  

Dance!  Yes, dance!  I am now offering private pole dance / burlesque classes, as opposed to working in a studio like I had been, for a while.  I am also planning my own troupe that will be more for fun, than anything, because I think women of all shapes, sizes and skill levels can benefit and enjoy this style of dance.  If we get a chance to perform, then great!  If not, then we can all be stars in our own minds, and really, that's what's important here.  Dance for YOURSELF, and not for anyone else, I say!  :-)

In the meantime, curious people can see: WWW.TransitionalPoleDance.COM ~or~  http://www.styleseat.com/layla-beth-munk for more info! 

I am also as completely GEEKED about maternal service work and holistic therapies as I was before, if not more so.  I still have WWW.TheZenMother.COM but it needs a few updates, so anyone curious about the services I offer or my upcoming plans, can see:  http://fullspectrumdoulas.com/profile/LaylaBethMunk

I have EVEN MORE plans and ideas but I suppose that I should save these little Brain Children for another post, which I vow to stay current on, this time!  

I am motivated more than I have been in longer than I can even remember, so the time to act IS NOW!    

If you are reading this, please consider following this blog, as it makes me feel special to know that I have readers.  :-D    

Until the next time, God & Goddess Bless, Namaste and don't do anything I wouldn't do!  

Later gators!  <3




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