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babybasketzen_mommy wrote
on April 20th, 2009 at 08:58 am

"Welcome, Carnival of Breastfeeding readers!"

An Important Breastfeeding “How-To” with Zen_Mommy!  "Using YouTube to STOP nosey questions!"  

Have you ever noticed that people LOVE to offer you their opinions (usually in the form of “friendly advice,”) about what you should do when you’re pregnant, when you’re breastfeeding, (or NOT breastfeeding!) when you have a grade-schooler, a high-schooler, or a college graduate? 


The point is, is that people just love to give you their opinions on child-rearing, solicited or otherwise, and sometimes such opinions rub us the wrong way.


I, myself, hear one of these “opinions” on a semi-regular basis. 


I sometimes hear the dread “How long are you going to continue to do that?” 


(‘That’ meaning breastfeeding.) 


My daughter is almost 21 months old.  It’s not like I’m nursing a 7th grader. 


But, I do get that question from time to time, and now, will share my “answers” with everyone reading here today. 


A simple “She’ll stop when she’s ready and right now this still works well for both of us” is what I start with. 


Usually, that’s not enough to fully satisfy—especially a person who is asking because they think I’ve nursed her for too long already.


They’ll press and say something like “When they kin ask fer cookies with their milk, they need ta stop.   (Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.)  


I simply repeat what I said before. 


Sometimes they’ll even press some more! 


At that point, I get real crunchy on them and say “Did you know that the human body is capable of lactation for up to 8 or more years?”


That usually re-routes the train of interrogation that they had been on and forces them to start talking about the YouTube video of the British woman breastfeeding her 8 year old, that made email rounds a year or so back.


They will typically say something about what a “kook” she is, and in doing so, the heat is thereby, taken off of me. 

 When they compare nursing a third grader to my nursing a toddler, that usually shuts them right up. 


Now, I am not in any position to call this British woman a “kook” although I know of a lot of people who have.  All I know, is that a quick reference to this video has worked like a charm for me as I politely attempt to pry nosey friends or relatives off of my back and let me nurse my toddler in peace. 


(For those who still press me and aren’t aware of the video, the point in which I mention that humans can lactate for many consecutive years is when I bring the video up.  I even offer to send it to them!  It’s in my favorites!) 


Again, it is not my intention to pass judgement on this woman.  I am sure that her heart is in the right place and her daughters actually seem very well-adjusted.


Would I breastfeed for 8 years?  You know what?  I can’t answer that. 


I don’t THINK that I would, but who’s to say? 


I suppose that if I do, I’ll have to come up with another way to quiet those who ask too many questions!


I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…


For the convenience of those reading this, I have provided a link to the video, below:


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