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"Welcome, Carnival of Breastfeeding readers!"

Welcome!  This months' theme is about saving money, something we can all benefit from!                   
~ZenMommy on nursing and saving money~

I’m all about saving money these days. I would NOT call myself a “tightwad,” but I am proud to admit that I am indeed, “thrifty.”

My penchant for saving money compliments my breastfeeding lifestyle just beautifully, if I do say so myself.

Obviously, as a nursing mommy, I am spared the expense of purchasing formula.
(My STARS, what do they put in that stuff? GOLD?) It’s SO expensive!

I was once given a box of formula and had no need for it. I placed an ad on Craig’s List to just give it away, and within ten minutes, had an inbox full of interested inquiries.

I am beyond thankful that I do not have to fork out my hard-earned cash for formula, of course, but did you realize that there are other ways a lactating baby-mama can pinch pennies?

Allow me to explain!

First, I need to set the stage…

My name is Layla and I am a shop-o-holic.

(Hi, Layla!)

I like to buy things. One of my favorite things to buy is clothing.

Clothes, clothes—pretty, designer clothes.

So what if I get this trendy little number home and wear it only once? I paid for it with AmEx!

THAT was my mentality years ago before I got a handle on my affliction.

Now, although in remission, I am still tempted by pretty things, but ALAS! I cannot just go and haphazardly purchase something sparkly and pretty just because I MIGHT wear it someday! As a breastfeeder, I only buy things that are conducive to…well, breastfeeding! I don’t know when I will stop nursing, and therefore cannot plan for what I may wear, later on down the road.

And, even though nursing wear has come a long way, it’s not what most women are buying on a regular basis, thereby making our selections limited—at least in regard to what we readily see when we walk into a store.
(If we want nursing wear that we haven’t sought out online, we are usually directed to a tiny section in the department store, wedged somewhere between “Maternity” and “Granny Nightgowns.”)

My shopping trips are much shorter than they used to be.

And in this rough economic time, that’s okay!

Another way members of the Mammary Mafia can save Moolah is a pretty obvious suggestion, but an important one, just the same.

I used to LOVE my appletinis. Vodka and Apple Pucker. It was like biting into a very magical apple.
(Unless you bit into too many, then it was like liquid death, but that is a whole other blog.)

I have not had an appletini in…wow—let’s just say a VERY long time. And you know what? I do NOT miss them! I will admit to having a glass of wine or two, here and there as a nursing mom—I know some frown upon that, and some say that in moderation it’s okay. At this point in my life, now though, I choose not to imbibe at all. Neither does my husband.

The money we save on NOT buying alcohol is amazing! We look back and marvel at the amount of cash that went toward buying this stuff earlier in our relationship.

Also, I love the fact that my little girl is so healthy as a breastfed baby! She is eighteen months old and has never had an ear infection, or ever needed antibiotics. She is the epitome of healthy, both physically and emotionally. As a bonus, so am I!

I adore nursing! It is so soothing and relaxing to me! I get to unwind with my sweet little angel in my arms—I don’t know any “therapy” more effective than that!

I also watch my diet because what’s going into me, is ultimately going into her, so when I feel a real jones for some junk food, I think twice now.
(Although I do NOT regret for one minute the chicken nuggets I had the other day.)

Nursing has been so healthy for me, be it physically or even financially.

I am extremely grateful for this experience—and so is my baby.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if you tempted me with a hangover free vodka-fueled shopping spree courtesy of American Express, Mac Cosmetics, Tiffany & Company, Dolce & Gabbana, Neiman Marcus, and on and on and on…

…and on and on!

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What a good mama!


It takes one to know one! :-)

So fun!

First of all, hilariously written post. I enjoyed it a lot!

I didn't even think about the money-saving benefits of being limited to nursing-friendly clothes and cutting back on the hooch. Great perspective! Sometimes I still buy a cool new shirt and then wear it out and realize...oh, shoot, I can't breastfeed in this worth beans! At church a couple weeks ago, I kept having to do a striptease. Oops! You'd think after 20 months, I'd know -- stretchy cottons are my friend, not fiddly, form-fitting button-downs. Ha ha!

Re: So fun!

Aww, thanks! I agree! Those button-downs aren't all they're cracked up to be. My daughter winds up UN buttoning them all the way so there I am, exposed to God and everyone! Ahhh! :-)
Hi and welcome to MBC!